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Media Facade

Media Facade is a lighting system that incorporates LED lights on the front of buildings and allows dynamic graphics, text, images, and even images to be displayed by borrowing digital media formats. During the day, design by the form of the building is highlighted, and at night, it is recognized as a field of visual and spatial arts. This enhances the value of the building itself by overcoming the structural limitations of the building called "untransformable" by painting the building through light. Recently, architectural facades have been combined with art and have been used as a huge display canvas for media art or digital art.


ㅣPurpose and necessity

The large scale of events and competitive construction of high-rise buildings worldwide have brightened the market outlook for Media Facades. As high-rise buildings have become landmarks that represent downtown areas, application of LED Media Facade to building facades has become a venue for art to emerge as a transcends the landmarks.

ㅣKey challenges

The key challenges in designing media facade are waterproof and repair.

The lighting apparatus have to be harmonized with the building, LED PKG have to provide sufficient life for external environment such as waterproof and ultraviolet light. Also it shall facilitate A/S in the event of failure. Finally, it is important to implement policy for urban media.

or urban media.


A. Mechanical Facade (Kifer Technik Showroom, Graz)
B. Projector Facade (Polygon Playground, Denmark)
C. Illuminant Facade (The Uniqa Tower, Vienna)
D. Display Facade (Chanel, Ginza)

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