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Holographic screen is a method of displaying images that provide fantastic 3D images to visitors without using stereoscopic glasses, unlike 3D images. The eyeliner system applied to holograms is a system that uses the principle of reflection and allows hologram images to be displayed in various fields such as performances, concerts, and events using transparent screens.



①  With the effect that an actor seems to be playing on the stage, it is able to produce more three-dimensional and realistic stage effects than 3D images.

② In the case of plays and musicals, the entire set has to be changed every time a scene is switched, but the hologram makes it possible to change the background and special effects instantly, allowing the audience to produce stunning videos that look like a magic show.

③ Even without wearing uncomfortable 3D glasses, the movie (actual actor's acting, 3D CG synthesis) experiences powerful stereoscopic effects, and the person in history can also be recreated as if he were alive.

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